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All orders will ship as they come in!

Shipping turnaround time is 12-15 days from order date+ 3-5 business days for delivery


A general rule of thumb is that any logos that are small, will be laser-guide embroidered, like the polos, jackets, hats, and bags. And the bigger logos like tees and hoodies will be heat applied graphics. It's similar to screen printing but a bit higher in quality and feel, plus it lasts longer.  Though this goes on the front side of the apparel. Currently we don't place logos on the back of any item

Custom Options:

Name and number will go on the left sleeve, just between the shoulder and elbow on jackets, hoodies, and tees. On hats, name and number will go on the back of the hat. On pants and shorts, we usually see players just use the numbers which will go on the logo opposite the team's logo. On bags, the personalization will be  on the most visible decoration areas, typically below the logo, but dependent on the individual items.